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what block in simulink can be used for remote control flysky?

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I try using pwm block to control the dc motor. but it turns out different rotation. i have checked all my connection.

Accepted Answer

Sathvik on 12 Apr 2023
Hi Noor
I understand that you are trying to use a simulink block for your remote control Flysky.
However, Simulink currently does not have a specific block for remote control flysky. You can use the MATLAB Function Block and write your own MATLAB code for the Flysky receiver. You can refer to the following for information on implementing the MATLAB Function Block
I also see that you are using the PWM block to control the DC Motor.
Please ensure that ‘flysky’ receiver provides output signals in PWM if you are using the PWM block. You can refer to the flysky reciever’s documentation to find out about the output signal provided by the flysky receiver.
Hope this helps

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