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How to adjust axes and grid in GUI matlab? how to get more precision for example [-1 -0.5 0] other than [-1 0]

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I would like to make the axes and the grid more precise as shown in the image below but i dont know how . i would like that when i pass the cursor on a point it gives me its coordinates x and y.If this is not possible in GUI can i just adjust the axes and make them more precise? thanks :)

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Mahdiyar on 3 Apr 2015
Hi dhouha
This is exactly the same as the matlab programming in M-File and you have to use the following command where exactly you plot the figure in GUI. I give you an example;
x = 1:10;
y = x .^ 2;
plot(x, y)
grid on
axis([0 20 0 15]) % axis([x_min x_max y_min y_max])

dpb on 3 Apr 2015
Presuming the handle to the axes is hAx for brevity,
xLim=xlim(hAx); % return the current x limits for the axes
set(hAx,'xtick',[xLim(1):0.5:xLim(2)]) % set the tick marks (may be _too_ dense to see all)
You can also experiment with
'XMinorGrid', 'on|off'
'XMinorTick', 'on|off'
doc axes % Axes Properties for details on above
For input
doc ginput
dpb on 3 Apr 2015
Edited: dpb on 3 Apr 2015
Wherever the axes is created and/or when it needs updating if changing axes inside the callback so should reflect those changes.

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