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Does it exist an already developed module on matlab that returns a parallel circle-arc to another given circle-arc ?

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I would like to return the parallel circle-arc to a given circle-arc, displaced by a distance "e". I found packages that allow for example plot circle -arcs, like geom2d.rar. I'm looking for a similar package.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 3 Apr 2015
Code for drawing an arc is given in the FAQ: It should be easy to adapt since you already have "a given circle-arc" - just increase the radius from the given radius.
bh dhouha
bh dhouha on 5 Apr 2015
Edited: bh dhouha on 5 Apr 2015
yes it is a translation in fact. but the function matlab that i use consider an arc as 3 points, the second one is the center. and it is coded like this (xc,yc,R, thetastart,thetafinish) where xc and yc are the coordinates of the center of the arc . So if i translate an arc i would like to recuperate a similar structure in the output, an arc (xc',yc',R', thetastart',thetafinish').So what is the type of output of your code ? thank you :)
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 5 Apr 2015
Simply draw it again the same way you drew the first one, but with shifted xc,yc:
xc = xc + deltaX;
yc = yc + deltaY;
% Now call the drawing routine again with the new xc,yc.

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