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problem with wavread (.wma and .wav file)

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shahnaz fatima
shahnaz fatima on 4 Apr 2015
Answered: Geoff Hayes on 4 Apr 2015
i have put a file named a1.wav in my current working directory.
then i wrote the command in the command line like this:
but it is giving me error.
error using wavread, not a wave file.
i dont understand the problem.
i had problem creating wav file. when i recorded it was in .wma then i went to cmd and saved as .wav is this creating problem??
then how should i record to get directly into .wav format.
looking for the answers.
thank you

Answers (1)

Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 4 Apr 2015
Shahnaz - you can't just change the extension of the wma file to wav and expect to be able to read the file as if it were a wav file using the error message makes sense. I was about to suggest that you use the audioread function to read the wma file instead, but it does not seem to support audio files with this extension. Try converting this audio file from the wma format to wav using software outside of MATLAB.

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