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How to get 1 output from 2 input using lookup table?

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I have set the table data, breakpoints 1 and 2 using my value.
But, I keep getting this error.
Luca Ferro
Luca Ferro on 16 May 2023
what values are you giving to channel 2 and channel 3? Also, click on edit and breakpoints to visualize the lookup table to have a better idea on how it works and how it looks like. I have the impression as it is defined is not really what you want
FannoFlow on 16 May 2023
In your case, this lookup table is operating as
f(x,y) = z
Except rather than having a pre-defined function of 2 inputs retuning a calculated output, the lookup table is designed to be filled with a matrix of pre-calculated Z values.
In your case, you would need a 2D matrix of Z values (imagine plotting a surface with surf).
If thats what you want, then great! we just need to fix your table data. Currently its a 1D vectorl which is why you're getting the error that the sizes dont match. You need to expand that vector to a 2D matrix where there is a value for each row and column of your breakpoing vectors. So that would be a 3x3 matrix in your case.

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