How do I configure Windows Firewall to allow Network License Manager communication?

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MathWorks Support Team on 1 Apr 2021
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 1 Apr 2021
If you are running the network license manager within an environment with a firewall, you will first need to follow the steps at the support article below. This will show you how to set a static port for the MLM portion of the license manager. By default, the MLM process will use a random port each time the license manager is started. You will need to set it to use a static port each time the license manager starts before you can create firewall rules. Please look at the support article below in order to do that:
Can the Network License Manager be configured to work inside a firewall?
After following the instructions above for your license manager, these steps will show you how to set the Windows Firewall options to allow the communication for the license manager through the Windows Firewall:
To configure Windows Firewall to allow communication to and from a network license manager system, follow these steps:
  1. Open Windows Firewall Advanced Settings from Windows Control Panel
  2. Click on Inbound Rules
  3. Click on New Rule
  4. Select Port and press Next
  5. Leave selection under TCP
  6. Specify ports for LMGRD and MLM separated by a comma (these ports should be specified in license.dat on your server)
  7. On the following screen make sure to Allow the connection and press Next
  8. Leave everything checked on the next screen (recommended)
  9. Name the rule anything you'd like and Click Finish
  10. Repeat the same process for Outbound rule, making sure that the connection is allowed (it will default to block so you will have to change it)
For assistance configuring the network license manager to work within firewall you should first review the following page:

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