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How can I import an excel file into requirements editor?

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Apologies if this is covered somewhere but I am trying to import an excel file into the requirements editor as the documentation here suggests: but I don't see the option for excel or word.
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Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh on 4 Jul 2023
Hi, I am unable to reproduce the issue. I am using 2023a version of MATLAB, its working as expected. Can you provide more information regarding the version of MATLAB you are using.

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Answers (1)

Sahas Marwah
Sahas Marwah on 7 Jul 2023
Edited: Sahas Marwah on 7 Jul 2023
Assuming the MATLAB Desktop Version, one should be able to proceed as given in the link you provided. But do provide details if it is still not working.
Assuming the MATLAB Online Version, I can also see the "Requirement Editor" does not have the option to import Excel or Word files.
So, you can use the MATLAB Desktop to utilize "Requirement Editor".
If you want to use the MATLAB Online Version to access Excel file, upload the Excel file on "MATLAB Drive". We can access this Drive on the MATLAB Online Version and import files from there.
Link to open and use MATLAB Drive:

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