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how to use ranova with repeated repeated measurements

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dear community,
I have an experiment where 12 subjects were measured during 2 tasks and during each task, a certain value was measured 6 times (here during 6 tones). how can I use ranova on that? not only the 6 values of one instance may correlate but also over the 2 tasks those values may correlate. I want to know if the given response differs between T1 and T2. At the moment I use a variable called Tx to use it as factor, but I doubt that this is the right way:
rm = fitrm(rm_tbl, 'tone1-tone6 ~ Tx', 'WithinDesign', 1:6);
ranova_results = ranova(rm);
% this will give the significance of the the factor Tx ?
ans = 0.7101
best regards

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