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How to display space Key in MATLAB App Designer

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I have made a basic GUI that displays videos of alphabets. It's basic look is attached here named as GUI_MATLAB. I am facing a problem. Videos corresponding to the alphabets are getting displayed properly. But, when I provide two alphabets with a space bar between them, only video of the 1st alphabet gets displayed. I know this is happening because it is not getting any input video or input image for space bar.
Can any one suggest me something how to solve this problem or, how to provide image/video input for space bar?
Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 23 Aug 2023
How are you dusplaying videos that correspond to alphabets?
Are you reading from
and then reading and displaying the appropriate video file that you have stored on your computer?
Did you want to play a video based on each character within the edit field?
NAVNEET NAYAN on 23 Aug 2023
Yes you got it right. I am displaying and reading the appropriate video file that I have stored on my computer. Yes, I wanted to play a video based on each character within the edit field.

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 23 Aug 2023
v = char(InputTextEditField.Value);
v(isspace(v)) = [];
Now use the characters in v.
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NAVNEET NAYAN on 24 Aug 2023
Thank You So Much @Walter Roberson. It is working. One more query. Is it possible to add pause of 1 second during the space bar?

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