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Infineon Mosfet Spice Model to Simulink

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Fan Yingpeng
Fan Yingpeng on 7 Oct 2023
Answered: SANKALP DEV on 13 Dec 2023
I am attempting to import the Infineon Mosfet/AIMW120R080M1 Pspice models into Matlab Simulink using 'subcircuit2ssc', however I get the error:
"Error using spiceV
V1 is not supported. Transient specification must occur after all <name>=<value> pairs."
Mosfet datasheet and Hyperlink of Pspice Model is attached
Code in matlab of Model Convertion is shown as below:
netlist = 'Infineon-CoolSiC_MOSFET_automotive_1200V_G1_2.1_enc_AIMW120R080M1.lib-SimulationModels-v01_00-EN.lib';
libName = '+Infineon-CoolSiC_MOSFET_automotive_1200V_G1_2.1_enc_AIMW120R080M1.lib-SimulationModels-v01_00-EN';

Answers (1)

SANKALP DEV on 13 Dec 2023
Hello Fan,
I understand that you are trying to import an Infineon MOSFET PSpice model into MATLAB Simulink using the ‘subcircuit2ssc’ function.
It appears that the error you encountered, "Error using spiceV V1 is not supported. Transient specification must occur after all <name>=<value> pairs," is related to the structure of the PSpice model file.
The error specifically mentions that "V1 is not supported," indicating an issue with the transient specification (‘V1’).
The error message states that the transient specification must occur after all <name>=<value> pairs. This aligns with the structure of the PSpice model file, where transient specifications such as ‘V1’ should come after parameter assignments.
To resolve this issue, I recommend reviewing the content of your PSpice model file (InfineonCoolSiC_MOSFET_automotive_1200V_G1_2.1_enc_AIMW120R080M1.lib-SimulationModels-v01_00-EN.lib). Ensure that transient specifications are correctly placed after all parameter assignments. Move the transient specifications (e.g., ‘V1’) to the end of the subcircuit definitions to comply with the expected structure.
Please note that the ‘subcircuit2ssc’ function in MATLAB Simulink expects a specific structure in the PSpice model file, and ensuring proper ordering is crucial for successful conversion. To know more about the supported format of PSpice model files, you can refer to the below provided MATLAB documentation: -
I hope it helps.
Thanks and Regards,
Sankalp dev.


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