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Example of Crest Factor Reduction by peak windowing

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I would like to make a question about crest factor reduction by the peak windowing technique. During the last days I was trying to implement a simple script but I seem to be stuck into some confusing facts about the algorithm itself.
To better understand, I am referring to the technique contained inside the book "Behavioral Modeling and Linearization of RF Power Amplifiers" at page 4807. There a technique is described which allows to reduce the PAPR of a signal by windowing the signal and obtaining the scaling terms in order to reduce peaks, and get a trade off on the spectrale leakage by adjusting the window used for the scaling.
I think I got the main idea but I still have some troubles in developing this algorithm in MATLAB. I was wandering if somebody knows about a code source to have a look at to get an idea about the implementation. At least on basic level.
Greetings, Giovanni

Answers (1)

S.M. on 24 Sep 2018
Hi there, First you should look at the signal in time domain. Plot it, the peaks are visible. If you divide the signal in portions and then write a code in a look for checking each sample with a threshold, you have detected the peaks, the next step is to reduce the peak. I can tell you more if you would. I wonder if you are doing it for paper or for company. Good luck.


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