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Is this possible, " 3D Printing with MATLAB ". If so, How far I could go with it ?

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3D Printing with MATLAB, I need to know the far possibilities of the mentioned and the procedure. From the requested Answer, I should gain some knowledge in using MATLAB functions to define a real life object or a body and feed the obtained data to a 3D Printer. Finally, I should be able to compare and contrast "3D Printing with MATLAB" with the traditional one.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 19 Nov 2023
This sounds like a project that you are intended to spend your time investigating, rather than having someone give you the solution.
DGM on 19 Nov 2023
Edited: DGM on 19 Nov 2023
"I need to know the far possibilities of the mentioned and the procedure." You're literally asking for the specific details of something you haven't yet defined. Even if we could concoct an answer, it would by definition encompass varied extreme possibilites of differing purpose. By what means would you even hope to perform a meaningful comparison -- and to what would it be appropriate to compare the differing possibilities?
I could think of various application areas off the top of my head.
  • Part design optimization
  • 3D model generation/manipulation
  • Print preparation (hollowing, infill/raft/support generation)
  • Slicing and path generation for point/line processes such as FDM/SLS
  • Slicing and slice processing (erosion/AA) for raster processes such as MSLA
  • Printer-specific file encoding
  • Printer communications and process management
  • Direct printer control (i.e. embedded)
This is just a subset that I've assumed are plausibly approachable with complete disregard for practicality. Is there some other alternative software suite which covers these possibilities out of the box? If I wrote some code to optimize the geometry of a specific widget I wanted to print, to what alternative would I compare it?
Even if we narrow this down to "How can I develop a minimal concept->model->print workflow using MATLAB", I still don't think it's specific enough to be answered. I definitely don't think there's room for a meaningful comparison unless you also clearly define "the traditional one" and some objective means of comparison between all the varied aspects of both. As far as I see it, both sides of this comparison are still too vague for a comparision to be meaningful.

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Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 19 Nov 2023
There are some old blog posts where people have discussed creating shapes in MATLAB and converting them into the file format used by 3d printers. See Paul Prints the L-Shaped Membrane for one of those posts.
Since that post was written, there have been two functions added to MathWorks products that may be of interest, the stlwrite function in MATLAB and the stlwrite function in Antenna Toolbox. The function in MATLAB writes triangulation or some types of delaunayTriangulation objects to STL files while the function in Antenna Toolbox is specific to certain types of objects from that toolbox.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 19 Nov 2023
Disclaimer: I got the gcode file off a 3-D printing web site. I didn't make it from MATLAB.


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