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I faced this issue please give idea about this error to correct.

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Opened : ../bolb.dwo for write coff -> dwo conversion completed successfully.. "### Done Invoking postbuild tool "DWO Converter" ..." "### Done Invoking postbuild tool "Hex Converter" ..." "### Successfully generated all binary outputs." C:\Users\VINAYAK\Desktop\pkk\bolb_ert_rtw>exit /B 0 Downloading program to the target hardware... ### Build procedure for bolb aborted due to an error.
Build Summary
Elapsed: 0.11 sec
Top model targets built: Model Action Rebuild Reason ================================================================= bolb Failed Code generation information file does not exist. 0 of 1 models built (0 models already up to date) Build duration: 0h 1m 9.154s
The following error occurred during deployment to your hardware board: Debug Server Scripting (DSS) error: *** User inputs: Target Configuration: C:\PROGRA~3\MATLAB\SUPPOR~1\R2021a\toolbox\target\SUPPOR~1\tic2000/CCS_CO~1/F28379~1.CCX Program Name: C:\Users\VINAYAK\Desktop\pkk\bolb.out Board Name: * CPU Name: C28xx_CPU1 Hardware Name: TI_Delfino_F2837xD Boot From Flash: 1 *** Starting debug session... SEVERE: IcePick_C_0: Error connecting to the target: (Error -151 @ 0x0) One of the FTDI driver functions used during the connect returned bad status or an error. The cause may be one or more of: no XDS100 is plugged in, invalid XDS100 serial number, blank XDS100 EEPROM, missing FTDI drivers, faulty USB cable. Use the xds100serial command-line utility in the 'common/uscif' folder to verify the XDS100 can be located. (Emulation package SEVERE: emulation failure occurred

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