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Transfer function estimation tfestOptions

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Hussein on 25 Nov 2023
Commented: Hussein on 12 Dec 2023
I am using tfest to estimate transfer function in frequency domain and time domain. The tfestOptions that I am using are the following:
opt = tfestOptions('InitialCondition', 'estimate', ...
'SearchMethod', 'lm', ...
'Display', 'on', ...
'EstimateCovariance', true)
I was wondering how can I know the cost function that is used according to the options used above? Also, how can I use different cost functions if i want?
Thank you for your help.
Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 27 Nov 2023
well I don't know if you want to share your data and code and maybe someone will find something interesting to share with you (?)
Hussein on 27 Nov 2023
Unfortunately i can't share data, but thanks anyways

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Answers (1)

Rishi on 7 Dec 2023
Hi Hussein,
I understand from your query that you want to know what cost function you are using, and how to use a different cost function.
The cost function can be configured according to your needs by tinkering with the following estimation options:
  • Focus
  • WeightingFilter
  • EnforceStability
  • OutputWeight
  • ErrorThreshold
  • Regularization
These options can be modified in ‘tfestOptions’, except ‘Focus’. You can learn more about how each of these options affects the cost function from the below documentation:
Also, you can learn more about ‘tfestOptions’ from the below documentation:
Hope this helps.
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Hussein on 12 Dec 2023
Thank your for you respond.
I have already seen this document. In the documentation it shows that a generic cost function is used. My aim is to change or modify the cost function

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