when taking a snapshot in simulation data inspector to matlab figure the graph changes to a scater plot

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I am using the data inspector to crate some graphs from a simulink simulation, I created a scatter plot of the data and switched to a line graph instead of keeping the markers. but when I snapshot the graph to a matlab figure it changes it back to a scatter plot. Any Ideas how to keep it as a line graph.

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Yatharth on 8 Dec 2023
Hi Duncan,
I understand that while taking a snapshot of the line graph to MATLAB figure in data inspector you are getting the original scatter plot.
Upon attempting to replicate the issue on my end, I did not encounter any problems in versions R2023b and R2023a. I am utilizing "Array Visualization" as it offers the option to modify the plot type.
If you are comfortable, you can share your model and data here along with the reproduction steps, and I can investigate further. Alternatively, you may choose to reach out to MathWorks for technical support.. https://www.mathworks.com/support/contact_us.html
I hope this helps!


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