Any availiable function to find the Taylor series of multi variables function in Matlab?

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I am looking for a ready to use function in Matlab to find the Taylor expansion of a functions with two or more variables (e.g. tanh(x^7*y^9^z^5)). Please let me know if there is such function in Matlab.

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Torsten on 29 Nov 2023
Moved: Torsten on 29 Nov 2023
Mehdi on 1 Dec 2023
I need to estimate this function (g) with polynomials so the Taylor series expansion is the best choice, but unsuccessful yet.
Torsten on 1 Dec 2023
Edited: Torsten on 1 Dec 2023
suppose f=x. Still could not estimate f even with a lot of terms.
The Taylor series for tanh(x) converges for |x| < pi/2, and you will need many terms to make it converge when you approach the boundaries.
If you change your command to
you will see that the behaviour of the Taylor approximation near 0 is correct.

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 29 Nov 2023
syms x y z;
f = tanh(x^7*y^9*z^5) % I think you may have had a typo or two in your function, so check this
f = 
taylor_series = taylor(f, [x, y, z], 'Order', 127);





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