Display long strings that include newlines in a table

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I want to create and display a table in a live script. One of the colums is a string. In some cases, this string is very long, and the column is much wider than the viewable area of the script. I have inserted newlines in the string to insure there are no more than say N characters between each newline, but when I display the string in a table the cell containing the string contains only a single row of characters with a small character that looks like a carriage return at the location of each new line. Is there a way to display multi-line strings in a table?

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John Dzielski
John Dzielski on 4 Dec 2023
The reason behind the question was that I want to display the information inside of a LiveScript in a "nicer" way that simply printing it out. It turns out that if you allow the live script to show the table (variable name not followed by a ';'), then hover the pointer over the cell containing the long text, the text will display the whole text in multi-line format. While this doesn't do exactly what I want, it is an acceptable solution.
Using disp() does not achieve this result when displaying a table. If the table is dipslayed from within a function call (table name w/o ';'), this also does not have the desired effect. The result of this is different from within the Live Script.

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Matt J
Matt J on 1 Dec 2023
Edited: Matt J on 1 Dec 2023
I don't think there's a way. But you could write to an Excel file (e.g., with writetable) where multiline cells are possible.
>> s="aaa"+sprintf('\n')+"bb"
s =
>> T=table(s)
T =
>> writetable(T,'tst.xls')
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Matt J
Matt J on 1 Dec 2023
Edited: Matt J on 1 Dec 2023
There are also ways to use actxserver to open/close/maximize an Excel file from Matlab, if you wanted to use Excel as a surrogate display window.

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