"Error Limitation : fixed point type is not supported" in POLYSPACE R2021a

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Hii there, I am currently working on generating a static analysis report based on MISRA 2012 using Polyspace R2021a. However, I've encountered a challenge during the compilation process. Specifically, I am facing an error that states "Limitation: fixed-point type is not supported" in <tricore.h> file.
If there are specific resources or steps you recommend, please let me know. Your support in this matter is highly valued.

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atharva on 7 Dec 2023
Hey Shreyas,
I understand that you are facing the error "Limitation: fixed-point type is not supported" in <tricore.h> file.
You can work around this problem by substitution of the unsupported types with more familiar types. For instance:
Note that the substitution only occurs for the purposes of the Polyspace analysis and does not actually occur in your code (even if you were using these types).
This will allow the code to be compiled.
Warnings: Fixed points are not floats in terms of representation. So the values may be different between a real execution and the analysis made by Bug Finder.
I hope this helps!
Shreyas Nayak
Shreyas Nayak on 8 Dec 2023
Hey Athrava, we can't edit that tricore.h file. What do we need to do? do we need to change float by -D__sfract in our own file.

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