Getting incorrect plots for cosmic-2 bending profiles

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Hey there, I am trying to reproduce results of a paper (see image below) ( I am trying to plot the bending profile of the files used in this paper (file attached) but for some reason my results are far off than the ones in the paper. I've searched everywhere but seems like I am missing something.
The thing that I want to get (at least one line from the following)
Please check the following code
File = "atmPrf_C2E3.2022.016.01.45.R04_0001.0001_nc";
info = ncinfo(File);
impactHeigth = ncread(File,"Impact_height");
Temp = ncread(File,'Ref');
tongLat = ncread(File, "Lat");
TongLong = ncread(File, "Lon");
pres = ncread(File,"Pres");
bendAngle = ncread(File, "Bend_ang");
bendAngle_sigma = ncread(File, 'Bend_ang_stdv');
bendAngle_ci = ncread(File, 'Bend_ang_conf');
MSL = ncread(File, "MSL_alt");
maxHeight = 40;
minHeight = 5;
alt = MSL((MSL >= minHeight) & (MSL <= maxHeight));
temp = Temp(1:length(alt));
plot(bendAngle, impactHeigth)
title("COSMIC-2 RO Bending Angle W.R.T Mean Sea Altitude")
xlabel("Bending Angle")
ylabel("Mean Sea Altitude (km)")
Imtiaz nabi
Imtiaz nabi on 14 Dec 2023
One more question, how would one calculate the % change in bending angle?
Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 19 Dec 2023
I would say :
percentage = 100 * (angle - mean(angle)) / mean(angle)

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