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enable/disable of state button under program control doesn't work

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I have a state button called MyButton in mlapp which is enabled
Then I have a program line:
app.myButton.Enable = false;
Executing this line doesn't disable the button.
Setting a breakpoint and executing the same line from the Matlab Command Window also has no effect and also doesn't report any error.
The enable Field remains at 'on'
app.myButton.Enable = 'off''; from the command line
also doesn't work, the field Enable remains at 'on' and no error is reported
This behaviour is erratic, i.e. I have another state button where disabling works
I didn't observe this problem with standard buttons
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Thomas Laubscher
Thomas Laubscher on 12 Dec 2023
It looks as if there was still a thread running which updated the knobs appearance even after halting at a breakpoint. Therefore consider this problem solved.

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