Imported data becomes combination of number and alphabet for 1 decimal places value

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i am new to matlab and i want to import the dataset for my final year project. in the original excel file, i have a data called Pressure MSL (Hpa) and some of the values are shown in the first image. when i imported the excel to matlab, it becomes some combination of numbers and alphabet and says "1.0118e+03 Converted to [Type: Number, Value: 1011.8]", just like shown in the second image. How can i show the original value of 1011.8 instead of 1.0118e+03? is there any setting or command to fix this?

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Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 8 Dec 2023
Change the display format -
y = 1011.8
y = 1.0118e+03
format longG
y =
Note that this only changes how a numeric value is displayed, not how it is stored by MATLAB.
Also, the combination of numbers and the alphabet e is known as the Scientific notation.


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