Why value from predicted value from the regression equation and predicted value directly from matlab are not matching?

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I ploted the regression model using following codes (4 input P,V,T,H, and 1 output,TS)
X = [P, T, V, H, P.*T, P.*V, P.*H, T.*V, T.*H, V.*H, P.^2, T.^2, V.^2, H.^2];
Y = TS;
mdl = fitlm(X, Y);
coefficients = mdl.Coefficients.Estimate;
yfit = predict(mdl,X)
I frormed the regression equation and calculated the predicted in excel, ideally it should match with the value I am getting from yfit = predict(mdl,X)
But it does not match. Can anyone explain why?

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