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How to update Matlab?

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Shaukhin on 6 Feb 2024
Commented: Shaukhin on 6 Feb 2024
I use matlab R2022b version, I want to install R2023b. Now, if I install the R2023b version, what about of my previous version? Does it run both two version? Should I uninstall the previous version? It is very disappointing that there is no way to direct update from R2022b to R2023B version!

Accepted Answer

Avni Agrawal
Avni Agrawal on 6 Feb 2024
Hi Shaukhin,
When you install a new version of MATLAB, it typically installs alongside your existing version rather than replacing it. This means you can have multiple versions of MATLAB installed on your system concurrently. Each version will have its own installation directory, settings, and shortcuts.
You can choose to uninstall the previous version of MATLAB if you no longer need it or if you want to free up disk space. However, it's not necessary to uninstall the previous version unless you specifically want to do so.
Having multiple versions of MATLAB installed can be useful if you need to maintain compatibility with projects or toolboxes that are only supported in certain versions. It also allows you to transition gradually to the new version without disrupting your existing workflows.
After installing MATLAB R2023b alongside R2022b, you can choose which version to use by launching the corresponding executable or shortcut. Keep in mind that license activation may be required for each version separately, depending on your license agreement with MathWorks.
Regarding direct updates from R2022b to R2023b, MathWorks typically releases new versions annually, and upgrading directly from one version to the next is supported. However, you may need to download and install the new version separately from the MathWorks website or through the MATLAB installer. If you have any concerns or questions about the upgrade process, you can refer to the MathWorks website or contact MathWorks support for assistance.

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Matt J
Matt J on 6 Feb 2024
Edited: Matt J on 6 Feb 2024
You can download and install R2023b without un-installing R2022b. The two will co-exist as separate apps on your computer.


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