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S-Function Builder changes entries after closing and re-opening

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I am using Matlab 2018b and have a Problem with the S-Function Builder.
If i add a SRC_PATH like shown in the first image, then build the S-Function successfully and close the S-Function-Builder and reopen it, all SRC_PATH and INC_PATH get changed like shown in the second image. After the change it does not build successfully.
Does someone know why this happens? As one can understand it is quite frustrating if there are like 15 SRC_PATH und INC_PATH.
Best regards,

Accepted Answer

Saurabh on 21 Mar 2024
HI Alexander,
Seems like S-function builder automatically adds a new line at any whitespace when something is added to the "Library/Object/Source files" box in the "Library" pane.
Eliminating the whitespaces is the workaround for this issue. For instance, alter
INCLUDE_PATH ./include
Additionally, it appears that the R2019b release addresses this issue, so updating to the recent MATLAB version may be another way to solve the problem.
For more details you can refer to the link attached below:
I hope this was useful.
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Alexander Tuma
Alexander Tuma on 21 Mar 2024
Hi Saurabh,
thank you for your answer, it does fix the problem.
Due to some compatibilities to other software i have to stick to 2018b.
Best regards,

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