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Can I generate/replicate an entirely new text using an autoencoder trained on a different set of text?

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I am working on text generation and taking help of the following example:
This code is running well and good. I have tested this code by giving different input text and then generating the same input text as output. Let us suppose, this trained autoencoder for text generation is named as "AE"
Now, my query is: Is it possible to generate an entiely new set of input text using the earlier trained autoencoder "AE"?
Feel free to comment if my query is not clear.

Accepted Answer

Sanju on 2 May 2024 at 11:21
Yes, it is possible to generate an entirely new set of input text using the trained autoencoder "AE". Once the autoencoder is trained, you can use it to generate new text by sampling from the latent space and decoding the samples back into text. This can be done by randomly sampling from a normal distribution and passing the samples through the decoder part of the autoencoder.
Here's an example code snippet to generate new text using the trained autoencoder "AE",
% Generate new text using the trained autoencoder "AE"
latentDim = size(AE.Encoder.Weights, 2); % Get the dimension of the latent space
numSamples = 10; % Number of text samples to generate
% Generate random samples from a normal distribution
latentSamples = randn(numSamples, latentDim);
% Decode the latent samples into text
generatedText = predict(AE.Decoder, latentSamples);
% Display the generated text
This code snippet generates 10 new text samples by sampling from the latent space and decoding the samples using the decoder part of the autoencoder "AE". You can adjust the number of samples to generate as per your requirement.
You can also refer to the following documentation for more information,
Hope this helps!
NAVNEET NAYAN on 7 May 2024 at 6:39
Edited: NAVNEET NAYAN on 7 May 2024 at 6:40
Thank You for answering the question.
But, the input arguments to use encode function is "matrix | cell array of image data | array of single image data".
When I tried using text as input to encode function, it throws an error stating the same issue "The input data for this autoencoder must be either a cell array of images or a matrix of single image data."
Sanju on 7 May 2024 at 10:19
the encode function in MATLAB's autoencoder only accepts image data as input, either in the form of a matrix or a cell array of images. It is not designed to handle text data directly.
I gave the above code as an example implementation,
To use an autoencoder for text data, you would need to convert the text into a numerical representation,before feeding it into the autoencoder. Once the text is encoded numerically, you can then use the autoencoder for further processing.

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