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Configuring Embedded Coder to Generate Non-Static Initialize Method in C++ Code

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I'm using Embedded Coder to generate C++ code from a simple model. By default, (if init function is empty) the generated code includes a static initialize function within the class:
// model initialize function
static void initialize();
However, I need the initialize function to be a non-static member of the class, like this:
// model initialize function
void initialize();
How can I configure Embedded Coder to generate the initialize method without the static keyword? I've explored the code generation settings but haven't found an option to modify this behavior. Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.

Answers (1)

Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 5 Jun 2024
It sounds like you are not using Embedded Coder ( ert.tlc ). Embedded Coder should generate the public methods Initialize(), step() and terminate()


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