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find matching indexes

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Zied on 2 Dec 2011
I have two matrices:
A: x rows and 5 columns
B: x rows and 6 columns (the first column contains indexes)
The values of the matrix A are included in the matrix B. I would like to find the indexes of the matrix A (one row)
Doug Hull
Doug Hull on 2 Dec 2011
Huh? Please edit the question for clarity.
Chandra Kurniawan
Chandra Kurniawan on 2 Dec 2011
'(the first column contains indexes)' for matrix B or both??

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Accepted Answer

karan on 2 Dec 2011
Index_find = find(ismember(A,B));
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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 2 Dec 2011
Wow, apparently I guessed wrong about the question. Good work Karan.

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More Answers (1)

Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 2 Dec 2011
I think you want something like
[x, ia, ib] = intersect(A, B(:, 2:end), 'rows');
B(1, ib)

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