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How to write vectors line by line in a txt file using fprintf delimited by a space?

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I have for example these three vectors : [1 2 3 ], [4 5 6 ],[7 8 9]. I would like to get the result like this in the file txt:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
(each vector in a line) I tryed this
fid= fopen('h.txt','w');
but i didn't get the result. Delimiter ' ' doesn't work with this command.

Accepted Answer

Adam on 6 Aug 2015
fprintf(fid,'%.5f ',h0);
should be enough. Note the space in the string.
bh dhouha
bh dhouha on 6 Aug 2015
So i don't have to open and close the file everytime i add a vector to the file ? because in my program i have a for loop, in every iteration i add a vector to the file.
Stephen23 on 6 Aug 2015
Edited: Stephen23 on 6 Aug 2015
You can open the file once before the loop, and close it after the loop.

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