Can I use version Version (R12.1) (circa 2002) on a 64 bit Windows 7 computer? It works on Win 7 but not 8. I think it may use a virtual machine.

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Same as question.

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Jan on 14 Aug 2015
I've tried a lot but did not get Matlab 6.5.1 (R13.1) to run under Windows7/64. My last impression was, that it was a problem of the installer, not of Matlab itself. Finally I've installed it in a virtual Windows XP/32 and this works smoothly. I had success with the XP-Mode shipped with Windows and with VirtualBox.
John on 14 Aug 2015
Thanks. I got it to work on Windows Vista. I suspect MS will support Win 7 longer than Vista. The olny glitch I had was that one has to restart after a somewhat lengthy period of rest. I will try on my version of XP.

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