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I have created a hydraulic hybrid system in simscape. The model is running smoothly without any errors but the engine block is not giving any power or rpm even at full throttle, hence all the scopes are showing zero reading or close to it. What to do

Asked by Kartik Khanna on 16 Aug 2015
Latest activity Answered by Martin
on 11 Jun 2018
The control system designed uses drive cycle block as input to calculate the torque required by the engine and the displacement of the regeneration pump/motor and master pump at various stages of the drive cycle. ODE23 is the solver configuration im using.


So you have a SimDriveline engine, a hydrostatic transmission model, and a vehicle. That's a lot of places where this could go wrong.
Have you tried testing each component individually, or slowly removing things from your model? It might help you isolate the problem.
Personally on models this big I prefer to just build my own engine component using a torque+fuel curves, a PID, some linear interpolation, and an ideal torque source. It takes a bit more leg work but seems to generally produce a faster model. With that said, if this is the first you've used a lot of the smaller subsystems in the model (i.e. have you made an isolated/simpler version of your pressure release, engine control, pump loop, etc.) then I'd suggest going back and building a couple simpler systems and then once you've verified those, pull them into the larger system.

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1 Answer

Answer by Martin
on 11 Jun 2018

Does the engine start at no speed? It could be that it is stalling. Start the engine at a higher speed, or add external torque to simulation a starter motor.


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