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How long does it take to transfer a mat file to the cloud?

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To use Matlab mobile I have uploaded a couple of scripts to the Matlab cloud and have been able to run them successfully. There is one script that needs to read a mat file that is approximately 10.6 MB. The uploading process for that mat file has been going on for a couple of hours with no completion. Am I asking to upload too large of a file? How long should it take? Thanks.
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Rutuja Shirali
Rutuja Shirali on 31 Aug 2015
Hi David,
It should definitely not take this long to upload a 10.6 MB mat file. Please make sure that no other software is blocking the file upload. Also if you are using chrome, press F12 and go to console tab. This window has console log. Attach the logs generated when you upload the file.

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