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Problems using the sound systems in Windows 7

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I am moving from an older XP laptop and Matlab R2011a to a brand new Windows 7 laptop again with Matlab R2011a.
When I run scripts using sound, soundsc and audiorecorder the quality is not only poorer but sound is actually incorrect.
Has anyone else had problems using soundsc and audiorecorder under the Windows 7 operating system and if so is there a solution?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 23 Jan 2012
What recording rate are you using? If you use a high enough rate, then the Digital Media Rights protection can kick in and deliberately mess with your audio.

David Koenig
David Koenig on 23 Jan 2012
Hello Walter,
I am using a Zoom H2 (line out connection) connected to the laptop (line in connection). When using audiorecorder in my script the sampling rate is 8 KHz. I really think it is a Matlab/Windows 7 related problem because my audio sound/record features all work perfectly when I play mp3 files and when I use the record feature out of the Windows accessories. Also when I listen to streaming sound from some of the webcams (Smalls Live Jazz, for example) the sound is quite good.
And, as I have said (I think), the audiorecord and soundsc functions work fine on my XP laptop.


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