How to use xlswrite to wirte excel sheet each time dynamically?

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Rohit Bhoi
Rohit Bhoi on 20 Feb 2016
Answered: dpb on 20 Feb 2016
I have a GUI in which there are 7 text boxes and 7 static boxes and one button. whenever I press button it perform some operation and gives result in 5,6,7 text box. now i have to write this data in excel sheet each time whenever user press button.How to do this?

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dpb on 20 Feb 2016
You have to decide where in the sheet you want the values written; xlswrite will not accept multiple ranges in a single call; you either have to write each cell with a separate call or define an array that covers the rectangular portion of the worksheet that is the target.
Or, use actxserver to create a COM automation server and manipulate Excel thru it.

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