How to convert the values in the spatial spectrum returned from the MVDREstimator2D to dB ?

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I am using the Phased Array System Toolbox and more specifically the MVDREstimator2D in order to simulate some MIMO Direction of Arrival scenarios.Using the step function i can get the spatial spectrum as computed by the MVDR algorithm. The values returned from the step function are an array with values from 0 to 1 representing the spatial spectrum and an array containing the calculated DoA of the signals in azimuth and elevation. When i use the plotSpectrum function, i get a graph representing the estimated DoA's in azimuth and elevation, as well as the power in dB. Is there a way that i can convert the spatial spectrum array to an array containing the corresponding values in dB ? For example when i see a peak in some direction with value 0.96 (the value returned from step function),i want to get the corresponding value in dB (-0.30) as seen in the graph.
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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen on 30 Mar 2016
You should be able to use mag2dB for this. For example, let's say y is your spatial spectrum, then you can do the following to get the dB value
y_db = mag2db(y);

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