Stateflow objects not being linked to DOORS requirements

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I am using MATLAB R2011b and DOORS 9.5.2.
I am trying to link requirements from Simulink to DOORS. When doing this with blocks directly placed in the model I have no issue. Thing get interesting, however, when trying to do the link from a Simulink library. These are the steps I have to follow: 1. Go to the library diagram and create the links to the requirements in DOORS. 2. Go to the model and disable the library link with the library of interest. 3. Synchronize with DOORS, with the library link disabled. This updates my surrogate module and the Requirements module with the appropriate information. 4. Go to the model and resolve the library link by restoring it.
If I perform these steps for Simulink blocks, although it is not ideal, it works. But when I try to do this with Stateflow components and I try to navigate from the surrogate module to Stateflow, I get a DMI error stating that the model needs to be synchronized with DOORS. Even if I do this, the link from the surrogate module to MATLAB is still broken.
I noticed that if I keep the library link disabled, I can navigate to the Stateflow in the model without further problem. This, however, is not an option since my model needs to be referenced to those libraries.
Why do Simulink objects behave differently than Stateflow's? Does anybody knows a workaround this issue?

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srj4anoop on 11 May 2016
Hi Erick,
In order to synchronize the library with DOORS, you can use the "rmi.doorssync" function from the MATLAB command window. In order to perform the synchronizing in the form of a dialog box, you can use the following syntax:
>> rmi.doorssync(model_name) % where 'model_name' is the name or handle of a Simulink model
Alternatively, you could also run the following command:
>> rmi('doorssync', model_name)
For synchronizing the model through command line API, please use the following format:
>> rmi.doorssync(model_name, settings)
For more details regarding the "rmi.doorssync" function, please refer to the following link:
Also, you may refer to the documentation page for "rmi" for more details regarding the "rmi" function:


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