How to define a variable symbolic matrix in mupad?

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Omidreza Ghafarinejad
Omidreza Ghafarinejad on 10 May 2016
I have a symbolic expression and I want to differentiate it. The expression is this:
p, A and B are some matrices which are functions of (x,y). A^-1 mean inverse of A. For B it doesn't need to be defined as a matrix, I can just define it as a variable of (x,y). But for A and p I should define them as matrices. So how? I want to write this expression in mupad and differentiate it with respect to x or y. It should tell me something like this:
diff(Phi,a)= (p,x)' * A^-1 B + p'(-A^-1*A,x*A^-1*B + A^-1 B,x)
I will be thankful if someone can give me a code that do this calculus in mupad.

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