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How to use quiver3m with usamap() in Mapping Toolbox

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Dave Walter
Dave Walter on 13 May 2016
Commented: Anna S on 26 Apr 2019
I cannot get quiver3m to work with usamap(latlim, lonlim) in Mapping toolbox. plot3m works fine.
usamap([34.0247 34.0549], [-118.7136, -118.6836])
plot3m([34.04, 34.041, 34.042], [-118.7, -118.701, -118.702], [0, 100, 200], 'r')
quiver3m(34.04, -118.7, 0, -.6, .7, 0, 'g')
The red line from plot3m appears, but the green arrow from quiver3m does not appear.

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Anna S
Anna S on 26 Apr 2019
I believe that you found a solution...
For others who have the same question (like me):
My problem was that the arrow heads were far outside of the mapping box and therefore not plotted. I didn't check whether it's the same here, but it took me hours to realize this easy-to-solve-problem...
Hope you found a solution!

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