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Code for serial communication

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s p
s p on 19 May 2016

Hey guys, i have to write a code to communicate with an external device( a mixer) via rs232 and a raspberry. I can not try it at the moment, but i want to know, if the code will work. Every command has to end with a blank CR LF.

  • 0) do i send the mixers predefined commands correctly?
  • 1) do i set the terminator correctly?
  • 2) I want to get the name of the device. But the device is only sending after the command IN_NAME. Do i have to use fscanf or can i write name = fprintf(msd,'%s\n','IN_NAME '); ?
mypi = raspi
msd = serialdev(mypi,'/dev/ttyAMA0',9600,7,'even',1);
msd.Terminator = 'CR/LF';
fprintf(msd,'%s\n','IN_NAME ');
%Set RPM to 100
fprintf(msd,'%s\n','OUT_SP_4 100 ');
%Start Mixer
fprintf(msd,'%s\n','START_4 ');
%Stop Mixer
fprintf(msd,'%s\n','STOP_4 ');
clear msd

I hope you can help me :) and a BIG thanks in advance best regards


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