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Initial Temperature for Simulated Annealing

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Sepp on 9 Jun 2016
Edited: Sepp on 9 Jun 2016
I'm trying to use simulannealbnd for parameter optimization. My big problem is the initial temperature T0. The default value is 100 but this seems not that good.
I have eight parameters with the following ranges:
[0,4] (four parameters)
My cost function can take values between 0.5 and 1. I want to use different AnnealingFcn (@annealingfast and @annealingboltz) and different TemperatureFcn (@temperatureexp, @temperaturefast and @temperatureboltz). I'm using the following combinations:
@annealingfast + @temperatureexp
@annealingfast + @temperaturefast
@annealingboltz + @temperatureboltz
What are reasonable values to try for the initial temperature?

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