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I am not able to interface kinect360 with laptop matlab2013b

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hello all, for the first time i am connecting kinect sensor for the laptop with matlab, i have downloaded and installed toolbox , but my laptop not able to detect,i have connecting the kinect through the cpu and then thru hdmi, same as connecting to TV . is sdk should also be installed. i need help in very urgense for my thesis so please


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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Jun 2016
Let me phrase it this way:
It would be so time consuming and expensive to develop an interface for the XBOX 360 sensor that you would be much further ahead by buying an Kinect For Windows sensor.
Microsoft did not document the XBOX 360 protocol, and they changed it from something that was usable to something that was not usable: they do not want people to be able to interface to it.

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sandeep singh
sandeep singh on 18 Jun 2016
Hello, thanks for the reply but i cant accept this bcoz i saw some applications and live demo of xbox360and matlab i think u didnt understood my question

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