Suppress command window output in matlab live editor in 2016a

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I started using the live editor in 2016a. I am running a simulation in the live script and then doing some plotting. However, when I run the simulation it includes the output to the command window in the right-side output section. Is there a way to suppress that output? I tried looking in the help documentation for the live editor but didn't find my answer there.
Thanks in advance.

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Jared MacDonald
Jared MacDonald on 4 Aug 2016
Hi Aditya,
This is by design in the Live Editor, which captures all output - plots and textual output - within the document. Are you able to suppress the textual output (by adding semicolons, for example), or is it being emitted by a function that you cannot modify? Can you post a small code example?
Thanks, Jared


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