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Error when generating S-function from subsystem with Stateflow chart and Function Call outputs

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Dave Walter
Dave Walter on 22 Aug 2016
I am getting an error when generating a S-function for a subsystem containing a Stateflow chart with Event outputs to drive other function call subsystems. On my subsystem I right-click->C/C++ Code->Generate S-Function. The "Generate S-Function for Subsystem: XXX" dialog box opens and I select "Build". I get the following error:
Invalid "function-call" connection.
Function-call initiator 'XXX/ SFunction ' is attempting to invoke a function-call
block on output port 1, element 1 even though this port element has not been
configured to output a function-call signal.
Invalid connection ends with 'XXX/A' which is illegal because it is not
a function-call block.
Is there any way to generate an S-Function from a subsystem with function call outputs?


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