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Plotting 3D- matrix values against other 3D-matrix values

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Joaquim on 10 Nov 2016
Commented: Joaquim on 10 Nov 2016
Hi! I have two 3D matrices with the same size, x and y. I want to plot the values of y against the values of x. How can I do it?


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B Mohandes
B Mohandes on 10 Nov 2016
you don't care about the fact that the matrices are 3D or not. you might as well convert the matrices to a vector, as long as you're plotting each point in x against each point in y. hence: plot(x(:),y(:)); %should do the trick
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Joaquim on 10 Nov 2016
Is there any alternative? My matrices are 288x288x400, so the matlab starts to crahs when I try to make the scatter plot.

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