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My question revolves around "Monostatic Pulse Radar Modeling", where Mathworks provide a useful startup for Designing a Basic Monostatic Pulse Radar , but I note that there is something wrong in their modeling, or that's what I think. Please correct me if I was wrong.
I think that when the radar signal emanating from its antenna toward the target, it will cross the channel to the target, and when it reflects from the target, it will return across the channel to the radar antenna forth.
Mathworks modeling doesn't take into consideration the second channel, It implements the first one only. Is this true?

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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen on 18 Nov 2016
There is a setting in the channel that you can check to simulate the two way propagation. That's what the example did. In simulation, because we simulates the analog continuous signal with discrete samples, there is an advantage to use two way propagation if possible to reduce the signal distortion.

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