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Change path to tlc files

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Martin Rupp
Martin Rupp on 22 Nov 2016
Commented: Martin Rupp on 22 Nov 2016
I have to customize Block TLC files but due to Access limitations I can't write in the Matlab Directory. So I would like to copy the tlc Folder to a different Directory where I have full Access. But I don't seem to be able to tell the System TLC file where to finde the modified tlc files. I have tried using %addincludepath but this doesn't seem to work. Can you help me how I can tell the System TLC to not use the Default Block TLS Files?
Jan on 22 Nov 2016
Where did you add "%addincludepath" and what does "doesn't seem to work" mean? Does it work or do you get an error message?
Martin Rupp
Martin Rupp on 22 Nov 2016
I have added %addincludepath right before %include "codegenentry.tlc". And doesn't seem to work means that the resulting code is not different to the "regular" code Generation even I have changed a block tlc file.
To be more precise. I tried to force the look_up.tlc to create a Parameter Group for ASAP2 File Generation even if GenerateASAP2 = 0 because I can't use the built in ASAP2 generation provided by Matlab. But no ParameterGroup is created in the model.rtw file. I don't think that the forcing is wrong because I just have taken the ParameterGroup creation out of the if-Statement so it should create a ParameterGroup all the time.
Thanks for your help.

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