multiple plots in one 3D, bug

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Hi Community,
I build a GUI with GUIDE and want 2 3D-plots in one axes. My essential Code.
function l1_listbox_Callback
hold on
myplot = plot3(handles.plot3D_axes,X,Y,Z);
I got this in a listbox which choose between different data. There shall be a posibility to get multiple plots at the same time in one axes-object. But described Code only has effect after I used a pan/rotate-uipushtool with default callback on the axes. Without this it just deletes the old plot and shows the new one.
I tried to cheat with rotate(h,direction, alpha), rotate(h,direction,-alpha), to get this miracle effect after a rotation but with no success.
Any idea?

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 24 Nov 2016
Use the function form of hold() and pass the axes handle.

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Pollok Tim
Pollok Tim on 24 Nov 2016
Ok, I found the solution myself. This will make it.
function l1_listbox_Callback
% solution
hold on
myplot = plot3(handles.plot3D_axes,X,Y,Z);

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