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WindowScrollWheelFcn - Horizontal Scroll

Asked by Ilan Sinai on 24 Nov 2016
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on 24 Nov 2016
Hi, How can I capture horizontal mouse scroll wheel events? I am familiar with the WindowScrollWheelFcn, but as far as I know it returns only Vertical Scroll data. Thanks, Naama


on 24 Nov 2016
What do you mean by horizontal scroll? I don't think I've ever seen a mouse with a horizontal scroll wheel, though I'm sure they exist. If they do though I'm not sure Mathworks has support for them.
WindowScrollWheelFcn reacts to the mouse wheel scrolling, it is neither horizontal nor vertical as such other than that your mouse wheel is usually oriented in a way that would intuitively be considered as vertical for e.g. scrollbars.
on 24 Nov 2016
Apple's MagicMouse scrolls in each direction: Unfortunately you cannot catch this in Matlab.

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