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streamline of 2d PIV data by Mupad plot::streamlines2d

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Jianhua LIU
Jianhua LIU on 16 Dec 2016
Edited: Jianhua LIU on 16 Dec 2016
I have import PIV data x, y, U, V by U:=import::readdata("U.txt",","):, and run plot(plot::Streamlines2d(U,V,x=min(x)..max(x),y=min(y)..max(y),TipLength=3*unit::mm,LineColor=RGB:blue)) I got an error:
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Jianhua LIU
Jianhua LIU on 16 Dec 2016
the error is Expecting an arithmetical expression or function. Got a 'DOM_LIST' for atrribute 'XFunction' in the 'Streamline2d' object.[plot]
please help me work out. Cheers!

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