Eliminate all rows with '\N' element in a cell

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Meghana Dinesh
Meghana Dinesh on 16 Dec 2016
Answered: KSSV on 16 Dec 2016
This is a simple question, but I'm getting confused cuz of the different datatypes in cell
I have Cell_A (attached). I want to find the indices (row numbers) of those rows which contain '\N' in the third column. How can it be done? When these indices are found, I also want to eliminate those rows. Ultimately, I want a matrix which contains the first column of elements and the corresponding third column of elements. (with the rows containing \N eliminated).
Result =
[10358 15
11198 31
11416 56
11426 9
11434 50
11441 44
11442 50
11444 10
11446 56];
The index output should be "4" since the fourth row contains '\N'.
This is what I have done till now.....I'm facing a problem since datatypes don't match.
Data = Tst_sorted;
Img_num = str2double(Data(:,1));
Img_class = Data(:,3);

Answers (1)

KSSV on 16 Dec 2016
load cell_A.mat
k = Cell_A ;
k = [k(:,1) k(:,3)] ;
iwant = [] ;
for i = 1:length(k)
if ~strcmp(k(i,2),{'\N'})
iwant = [iwant ; str2num(k{i,1}) k{i,2}];
There will be more elegant way..

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