How can I delete a BLDC motor driver block of which the library link has been broken?

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In an attempt to modify the Brushless DC Motor Drive block in simulink, I copied it to my model and then broke the library link to make changes. I did this because I only use it in one model, so I figured the library link is not important. Running the model is however not possible anymore without the library link because the callbacks don't work anymore. I was able to, in another attempt, modify the BLDC motor drive block by making a custom library, but I cannot delete the block with the broken library link anymore because of following error:
--> Error evaluating 'DeleteFcn' callback of SubSystem block ...[model path]
--> SubSystem block does not have a parameter named "driveType"
How can I delete this block? It is giving errors when I want to run the model.
Kind regards, Jorrit

Accepted Answer

Jordan Ross
Jordan Ross on 9 Jan 2017
Hello Jorrit,
As I understand, you have a Brushless DC Motor Drive block that you have modified and broken the library link to on purpose. However, now you are trying to delete the block but it is giving an error.
The reason for this error is that in the Brushless DC Motor Drive block there is a "DeleteFcn" callback which tries to get a block parameter that no longer exists (since you modified). To delete this block you will first need to delete the contents of the "DeleteFcn" callback fro the Brushless DC Motor Drive block. You can get to callbacks by right clicking on the block and selecting "Properties.." and then selecting the tab "Callbacks".

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